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Living in constant fear and worry is no way to live. It’s estimated that nearly 6.3 million Americans suffer with a diagnosed phobia, everything from a fear of public speaking and heights, to a fear of social situations or confined spaces. Fears and phobias are a real problem for the people who suffer, because they can severely interfere with life’s activities, not to mention they produce very uncomfortable bodily sensations including: trembling, shortness of breath, racing heart, dizziness, the urge to run, hot flashes or chills, negative thoughts and more.

When a fear becomes a phobia, which simply means the fear becomes so debilitating that a person starts avoiding any situation that could trigger it, the recommended course of treatment is usually antianxiety or antidepressant medications, or therapy sessions that include the likes of cognitive behavioral therapy or exposure therapies.

One of the most powerful treatment options for fears and phobias is hypnosis. The reason: under hypnosis, the therapist has access to the subconscious where the irrational thoughts about the fear come from, and in a sense can reprogram the subconscious thereby reducing and eventually eliminating the fear or phobia.

Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome Life’s Obstacles

We are all affected by obstacles in life, here are the common ones most people have and where hypnosis can help.

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