Child Birth/Pregnancy/ Children’s Issues

Hypnosis is a great tool for anyone who wants to be more in control of their life.

Utilizing hypnosis it’s easy to change your self-talk and by doing so you change your habits and behaviors.

Champion Hypnosis can help overcome pregnancy and children issues

Hypnosis Testimonials for Child Birth, Pregnancy and Children’s Issues

I can enthusiastically recommend Dan with Champion Hypnosis my son had been suffering from bed wetting for several years..we went to every specialist and still no success until we saw Dan. He did just 2 sessions with our son and it has completely been reversed. Our son is so happy he can finally do sleepovers without worrying about waking up wet and being made fun of. Dan is compassionate and he truly cares and listens to the issues. It gives us great pleasure to refer friends and family to him.

David T.

My daughter started twisting and then pulling her hair out…we went to several counselors and it didn’t help until doing 1 session with Dan..I wish more people were as open minded as my husband and I about how the mind works because it has truly been a great experience. Our daughter has been so upbeat and happy since seeing Dan. She also has better healthy ways to deal with stress now..

Paula B.

Call it what you want coincidence or the power of the mind…I was struggling to get pregnant for several years, I tried all the specialist, invetro..and still nothing. I went to Dan to see if he could help and within 2 mo’s of seeing him We Got Pregnant!!! I am so Happy and Amazed… Thank You So Much, You have a Special Gift.

Dana W.

I went to see Dan because a friend had seen him for pain management and had tremendous results…he thought it would be a good idea for the delivery of my son..I am so blown away how just a few sessions were able to control my pain during a natural birth with no drugs…I highly recommend anyone who is wanting a pain free birth to see Dan.

Cindy B

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