Sports Improvement

Hypnosis is a great tool for anyone who wants to be more in control of their life.

Utilizing hypnosis it’s easy to change your self-talk and by doing so you change your habits and behaviors.

Champion Hypnosis can help you with Sports Improvement

Hypnosis Testimonials for Sports Improvement

Our son has made a tremendous improvement since he has been attending the sessions. Before he attended the sessions he struggled with his grades and self confidence with his school work and on the football field. We have seen our sons grades improve and his self esteem rise to the highest level. One of our son’s greatest accomplishments was that he was able to receive a football scholarship at a #1 ranked college. I would recommend Champion Hypnosis to anyone who would like to perform at a much higher level in the class room or at any type of sport..Thank you Dan!

Mr. & Mrs. M…

My son was one of the top pitchers in his baseball league until he had several bad games and gave up too many runs. We tried everything from more practice to private coaches and still he couldn’t get out of this funk. Thank goodness we decided to think out of the box. Dan at Champion Hypnosis is fabulous he did 2 sessions with my son and not only was he back but he has improved tremendously. I highly recommend Champion Hypnosis.

Dean H.

I have struggled with my tennis game for several years and after some research I did 1 session and my game is better than ever…I am truly amazed by what hypnosis and Dan has done for me. Don’t second guess it, he can help you too.

Amy E.

I have been playing golf for 10 years and could never break 80 until I decided to give hypnosis a shot. Dan explained how everything worked and what to expect. Let me just say surprised is not even close to describe how I felt when after just a couple of weeks I did it…something I have been struggling with for so long changed after just one session. My mind is where the problem existed and thank God it’s all changed now.

David S.

My daughter came to see Dan because she was trying to break some college Track and Field barriers. She was so close to achieving them but every time she just missed it. After two sessions with Dan she not only achieved her goals but broke through some new barriers and set a new record

Janice W.

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