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Fears/ Phobias

Hypnosis is a great tool for anyone who wants to be more in control of their life.

Utilizing hypnosis it’s easy to change your self-talk and by doing so you change your habits and behaviors.

Champion Hypnosis can help you overcome Fears & Phobias

Hypnosis Testimonials for Fears/ Phobias

Since I was a little girl I had a fear of animals at the zoo escaping and attacking me. I know how crazy it sounds but, I couldn’t even take my own children to one of the best zoo’s in the country and that was eating me up…I decided to try hypnosis and after one session 30yrs of a fear disappeared and I am ecstatic to say we all highly enjoyed the zoo..
If you have any fears or phobias do yourself a big favor and go see Dan..

Amanda E.

I came to see Dan because I had a fear of flying…Dan got right to the issue and eliminated it in 1 session. I was completely blown away that he really took the time to understand what was going on and nailed it.

Pete W.

I had a tremendous fear of blood which is kind of hard working for a Dr. Well I am happy to report after 2 sessions I have no problems at all with it now and I have been able to stand there charting while the nurse is taking blood…Thank you Thank you Dan…

Betty F

I was suffering from my fear of rejection and I was terribly lonely because of it…I had been rejected so many times from women I just couldn’t put myself into that position ever again. However I really wanted to find the right person and get married to start a family. After seeing Dan not only do I have total confidence but I do believe I will be meeting Mrs. Right very soon…

Ron H.

I had a huge fear of public speaking it was so bad that when my brother asked me to be his best man I contemplated suicide because I couldn’t leave with myself If I messed it up for him…well the next week I not only gave the speech but got a ton of compliments…dude you rock I am looking forward to doing more sessions…

Jon M.

It has really helped me a lot with my fear of driving on the highway..I am now able to drive on the highway without any nervousness at all..so well worth ever penny…


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