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Hypnosis in St. Louis

Champion Hypnosis in St. Louis, MO.

Are you or someone you know looking for hypnosis in St. Louis to help with overcoming fears or phobias? Hypnosis is great tools that will aid in leading a less fearful life and can help you release your greatest fears. Fear is an essential safety mechanism for keeping us out of harms way, well, rational fear that is.

Irrational fears often hold us back from experiencing life to its fullest. For example, if you have an irrational fear of failure whether it’s driven by past experiences, by perfectionism, or even childhood situations, it can truly get in the way of you living a successful life. You will always hold yourself back from trying to be better just in case you fail at it.


How about a fear of needles, hospitals, doctors or dentists? All of these fears have a negative impact on the quality of your life. If you experience any of these types of phobias you will not take proper care of your body, which can lead to some dangerous situations. These types of fears or phobias can be overcome with hypnosis.

There are thousands of different fears and phobias that can and do affect us on a daily basis. Using hypnosis to overcome irrational fears and phobias is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to rid yourself of them and take back control of your life.

If you suffer from any kind of disorder such as sadness, nervousness, etc… Hypnosis has been proven to be very effective for these areas and many others. (Mayo Clinic Studies)

Using hypnosis allows you to focus intently while in a really relaxed state and re-programs your subconscious mind to accept new, more realistic thoughts concerning the fear or phobia you have.

How great would it feel if you could be free from all the irrational fears in your life and begin living on your own terms?

With hypnosis you can get your freedom back!

Give yourself the gift of overcoming any fears or phobias you have and live free and enthusiastically!

Dan Lohmeyer is a certified hypnotist at Champion Hypnosis in St. Louis, MO. Dan provides hypnosis for those who want help with overcoming fears or phobias, weight loss with hypnosis in St. Louis, to quit smoking (stop smoking or smoking cessation), stress management, as well as help getting more sleep.  Dan is also available for private parties, stage hypnosis shows and event entertainment. You can contact him at (314) 276-7809