I went to Dan in March 2011 after my wife passed away, to quit smoking. after her death, I started smoking more and I have a 5 year old daughter that needs me, however, with the stress, hurt , sorrow and pain I was experiencing, I was finding it hard to stop on my own. Dan was able to help me quit smoking after one session! I was amazed at the results because I attempted many times before, but with limited success. I didn’t have any withdrawals! Dan really knows how to help people, and you can tell he authentically cares and wants to help others succeed. If you have an open mind, and are truly ready for changing your life, Dan will get you where you want to be!

Tony Fonte


Wow is all I can say, when I first met Dan he explained to me how he could help me through hypnosis…I was a little skeptical to say the least but after reading all the education he put on his site I was willing to give it a shot..He made me feel completely comfortable and was extremely helpful. I have a new out look on life now…thanks to his techniques. He has a special gift.

Allison P.


Thank you Dan for changing they way I feel about myself and loosing the weight…It has been years since I have felt so good about myself and my future.

Tonya B.


I had been well..a nervous wreck and always biting my nails …since my session back in May, I have completley stopped and I was flat out shocked at what Dan can do..Since then Dan has helped me in many different areas to improve the quality of my life.

Ron T.


When we came to see Dan, Jim was struggling with the low self-image and general self-hatred.  His mother’s poor parenting skills had affected his self-image. We were very impressed with Dan because after just one session with Dan, we noticed Jim not dwelling on the negatives of the past, but rather remembering the people who did value him and once again enjoying some simple pleasures. I want to personally thank Dan for helping Jim be happier with himself, be a  more positive and pleasant person to be around.

Mary E.


I went to Dan  to quit using smokeless tobacco (chew) after 9 years of habitual use.  Even when I started using I knew it was terrible for your health, addictive and, as my wife puts it, absolutely disgusting.  But, I loved having a chew on a long car ride or after dinner, all the time knowing that I needed to quit for good.  When I spoke with Dan initially I was skeptical of hypnotism as a whole, but was open to at least giving it a shot.  In my hypnosis session with Dan he put me at ease right away while staying completely professional and directive.  After one session I quit chewing altogether and now have the tools to sustain a tobacco free life.

Thank you



I did just what you told me to do by getting rid of my lighters, cleaning my car out (even bought new air freshener..for fun and to get rid of the last bit of cigarette smell…YUCK!), and have been chewing lots of gum! As I cleaned my car out the other day I almost felt like I was cleansing myself one last time of my big decision and it felt really good!

I have had a few cravings here and there…. I was able to make it to the gym last night for the first time since Monday and I have NEVER felt so good after a run! I could BREATHE! Thank you so much for meeting me with me and helping me become a SUCCESSFUL NON SMOKER!

Jenn P


When I first spoke to Dan about hypnosis helping people overcome obstacles, I was so interested, but I have to admit I was a little skeptical. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust him, he came very highly recommended by some friends of mine who know him personally, it was the picture that was painted in my head of what hypnosis was that really made me nervous. Needless to say, it was nothing like I pictured it. I felt very comfortable and very relaxed. He really wants you to succeed and reach your goals! After my first session I felt empowered and ready to take on the world! I look forward to more sessions with Dan the Hypnotist!

Alex Simmons

Mary Kay Cosmetics


We’ve all heard that the mind is an amazing machine capable of achieving more than we can possibly imagine.

I went to Dan because I was having stress tummy aches, dropping the ball on customer service, procrastinating & convinced I was a failure. The tapes in my head said “I can’t”, I’m not”, I’ll never be able to”. Thru hypnosis, Dan was able to help my sub-conscious mind rise to the occasion and show my conscious mind that “I can”, “I’m capable”, “I can learn new technical skills”. Dan gave trained me in hypnosis strategies to de-stress, increase self-conscious and change the negative destructive thinking patterns into positive cycles to move my life forward.

Its all in your mind. Dan can help bring out the champion in YOU!



I went to Dan because I found out my Husband had been cheating on me with someone I knew and for my soon to be Divorce. I just wanted to get it out of my head and move on with my life. I had a tremendous amount of anger that I knew I had to get rid of as well. I wanted to be happy and excited about my future. Not only was he professional but he put me at ease with the whole situation. I was amazed at what he was able to do for me after just one session. He is a very gifted person and he truly takes the time to understand your situation. I am extremely happy with my results and would recommend Dan without any hesitation. Thank you very much for all you do…



I had been suffering from Alcoholism for over 10yrs and I had been to every rehab facility you can think of…I just wasn’t getting the results that I needed. Time after time I kept slipping back into my bad habits of drinking again. I been in AAA many times before but Dan recommended using him and AAA together. Wow what a combo….After just a few sessions I could already tell a major difference. I didn’t need it or want it or think about it anymore…I can finally have a better life now and Not only is my Family proud of me But I am Proud Of Myself..Thank you Dan Your AWESOME!!!

Dave R

Dan Lohmeyer has been an excellent resource for my pain management issues. At first I was skeptical, but he put me completely at ease and was a great comfort. My life has actually turned around thanks to all of his assistance. He has made my thought process a more positive experience, and I can honestly say I am a changed person. Hypnosis has showed me how strong the mind is and, through my new way of thinking, I am having amazing results. Dan has given me the coping mechanisms I need to manage my pain. He is very thorough, professional and personable. I appreciate that he is truly interested in my recovery, and it shows. I am very grateful to have discovered him and his service.



When I first came to see Dan I thought I was suffering from IBS but soon into our consultation it seemed to be related to my Anxiety that I have had for over 20+ years. I refused to take any medicine but I was also sick and tired of being anxious about everything, it had been making my life hell…I decided to use Dan’s services and let me tell you “Magic”. It was unbelievable after one session I was Happy and not nervous about anything. As an added benefit I don’t have to use the bathroom…all the time. I use to get nervous about everything and I couldn’t stomach confrontation or money issues..It is all a thing of the past thanks to Dan. He is Great and I have him on Speed Dial should I need any other Services or to send my friends..

Your The Best!!!

Thank You,



Upon meeting Dan I knew I wanted to work with him. After only the third session I bought a package of 24 sessions.

He is unique because he customizes the sessions to fit individual needs. He does not have a cookie cutter script to help with weight loss. He individualizes the sessions to address issues that influence the problem. For me sweets is the problem, so he has addressed the issue with aversion therapy, parts therapy and more recently looking at self image and how it may influence the problem. I am now able to control my sweet tooth and have come a long way from when I started.

Besides weight loss Dan has worked and has helped me find joy, feel confident, get better sleep, keep on track with tasks and to be more organized. These are just a few of the topics that we have addressed in our sessions. Topics are unique to the individual and in the same manner the session is unique and structured around your individual needs.

Other qualities that make him stand out from any other hypnotist include his integrity, prompt follow up and follow through with your concerns. I text him and within 24 hrs he promptly replies. I have had my moments of self defeating thoughts and when I text these to him, he will promptly reply with encouraging words that motivate me to “get over it.”

I have many other goals I want to accomplish and I am confident they will be met with my self determination, perseverance and hypnosis. It gives me great joy to highly recommend Dan Lohmeyer and Champion Hypnosis.



I accidentally stumbled upon a three session coupon for Champion Hypnosis. After struggling to alleviate my anxiety and sleep problems for years, I decided that I’d give hypnosis a try. I walked out after that first session feeling like a weight was lifted from me. I had an overall sense of well being that I couldn’t remember ever having had before. I was beyond amazed and impressed! I wondered why I didn’t try this sooner! I then followed up with a session for sleep and one for anger/frustration. I had the same impressive results with those sessions, as well. That was in March and April of this year (2015), I haven’t had anxiety, worry, anger, frustration or problems sleeping since. I was so pleased with Dan at Champion Hypnosis, and my results, that I also bought my sessions for family and friends. I also purchased a yearlong -24 session package! It has truly been a pleasure working with Dan to achieve my personal goals and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Lisa P.


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