Commonly asked questions about Hypnosis

1. People who are hypnotized are asleep and don’t know what is happening.

This myth has been perpetuated by the stage hypnotists who say things like “on the count of 3 you will fall asleep.” and “When I click my fingers you will wake up” Hypnosis isn’t a sleep state. It is a state of deep relaxation in which you become hyper aware and focused on what is happening around you. You are in control of the situation the whole time and can stop it anytime you feel the need.

2. People can’t remember what they have done under hypnosis.

This is another stage show myth. Simply put there are 5-6 levels of Hypnosis depending on where a Hypnotist received their training. Levels 5-6 are commonly used in stage hypnosis because this can cause temporary amnesia. Most sessions only need to be in a level 2-3 to be successful. I also audio record every session so that if they have a moment of weakness to go back to their old ways they can revisit the session on their own.

3. Once hypnotized a person is under the control of the 

This myth has come from the old black and white B-movies. The beautiful damsel falls under the hypnotist‘s spell and is at his mercy as he twiddles his moustache and smiles at the camera with a glint in his eye. Great forHollywood but, this simply is not the way it works in real life. This never happens. When you are in a hypnotic trance you are fully aware of what is being suggested to you. If at any time you feel uncomfortable you will automatically resist the hypnotic suggestions and bring yourself out of hypnosis. The fact that you are uncomfortable is enough to come out of hypnosis because you aren’t as relaxed as you need to be for hypnosis to work effectively.

4. Only weak minded and easily suggestible people can be hypnotized.

This is the complete opposite of what actually happens. The lower below average I.Q. the harder it is to be hypnotized. Most people generally slip into and out of hypnosis on a daily basis.

5. You have to lie back and close your eyes to be hypnotized.

Myth. To be hypnotized all you need to do is focus and concentrate. In fact some may keep their eyes open and some may even cough, sneeze and scratch while in a hypnotic state.

6. A person under 
hypnosis can be made to reveal his or her deepest secrets.

Myth. A person can’t be forced to do anything under hypnosis, least of all be made to tell the truth. You are in total control of the situation so you if you don’t want to tell your hypnotist something then you won’t.

7. Hypnosis will make you remember everything that has ever happened to you. Ever!

Hypnosis can be a great tool for aiding memory. You will remember things that had previously slipped your mind, but there is no way that you will remember everything that has happened to you. It has taken you a very long time to live your life. It’s literally impossible to remember all of that in a one hour session.

8. You can get stuck in a trance forever.

Nope sorry this isn’t true either. To come out of hypnosis all you have to do is bring yourself out of your deep relaxed state. Even if I left the room you would naturally come out of hypnosis with in a few minutes.

9. Hypnosis can make you act like a chicken.

This is another myth that comes from the world of stage shows. Stage hypnotists are really good at judging people’s personalities. Then tend to pick subjects that like a good laugh and aren’t afraid of being a little silly. They would probably behave quite similar to this if you saw them after a few drinks. When you add together their eagerness to have fun, their suggestibility and the pressure of a theatre full of people watching them they tend to do what the hypnotist suggests. It’s unlikely these people would behave the same way if they were in a room alone with the hypnotist.

10. Hypnosis is satanic and against religion.

There are still some religions that don’t approve of hypnosis but most have accepted that there is real healing benefits to be found within hypnosis. The Roman Catholic Church accepted hypnosis back in 1956. Most other major religions have also accepted hypnosis either before or after this time, and have no problem with their members seeking hypnotic help.

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