Turn your New Years Resolutions into RESULTS

New Years Resolutions

We all should set goals but I found even myself stopping short to reach a goal because I set unrealistic expectations on myself.  You know like ..” I have not exercised in over 6 months but starting tomorrow I will get up early and go run a mile”

 We should encourage ourselves and others to set Realistic Goals so we stay on track … like maybe walk until I feel tired or a winded. Then increase it a little each day untill you reached your goal.  Then you can go beyond your goal.


Always keep in mind that a setback is a set up for a come back!  Right!

If you are tired of having New Years Resolutions fail time and time again.. How would it feel to finally loose the weight ..finally be smoke free or simply keep your promise to yourself to exercise more this year.

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Turn your Resoultions into RESULTS

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